Seodamhwa - Wedding Hanbok designed by Song Hye-Mi - Traditional .

Traditional Korean Clothing

Traditional Korean Outfits: Korea’s traditional costumes and outfits impress the visitors. With a brilliant display of color, art and style, the traditional Korean portfolio has made many big eyes. The traditional Korean outfits are collectively called Hanbok and include everything from tops, underwear, coats, headgear, shoes to hairpins.

Every piece of Korean culture is embedded in a rich history and a story behind it. Various Korean garments represent the wearer’s status or rank. Even the colors of certain pieces are for special occasions or people. For example, a citizen cannot wear any color other than green when wearing a wonsam.

Scroll down to read all of the exciting stories and anecdotes behind the rich history of Korean outfits.

Hanbok refers to all of Korean traditional clothing. It is also known as “Joseonot”. It includes everything from blouses to headgear, shoes and accessories for various occasions. Apart from a few changes in material, fabric and colors, the basic design of the hanbok has remained almost unchanged from 16 centuries ago. You should also check out these best traditional outfits for women in Botswana.

Women’s hanbok has worldwide recognition for its simplicity and elegance. The cut and draping of the women’s outfit complement the Korean physique very much. The upper body looks dainty with the jacket, while the skirt around the waist makes Korean women look fuller. This gives women balanced proportions and an attractive appearance.

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