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Cute outfits to Wear with Platform Boots

Platform boots outfits – As a boot lover, my wardrobe has a fair share of platform boots, from knee-high Gothic styles to simple ankle boots.

This article describes a few ways that you can pull off a pair of stunning platforms. With such a wide range of styles, colors, and fashions to choose from, finding your perfect platform is a walk in the park. But How do you carry platforms? What ideas are there to style platform boots with different outfits? Outfit Trends gives you different ways to rock these boots with style and confidence.

First of all, you need to decide which style to go for. Only then can you choose the shoe you want. Platform boots are fantastic for adding extra height and creating a slimmer figure. They are therefore a fantastic shoe style for the smaller woman. They are great replacements for the high heels as they are much easier to step on and more comfortable to wear. Street style, gothic style, summer clothing and even casual styles can be combined with the platform boot, making these shoes a great shoe for every fashionista’s shoe collection.

Platform wedges – For a more summery or girly image, consider wearing floral wedge platforms with a flowing maxi dress. This gives a bright and seasonal feel as well as a sleek and sexy look. Wedge platforms come in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors. So choose one that suits your figure as well as your summer style. A perfect type of platform for this picture are the Hessian wedge platform sandals. Rainbow patterns are used to customize summer colors.

Gothic platforms – If you’re more like me and venturing into the alternate side of fashion, one of the easiest things to do is find some decent Gothic platforms. They’re a staple of any Gothic girl’s wardrobe, and a plain black pair with subtle buckles and laces will be enough to complete any stunning Gothic image. Short skirts and knee-high platforms are my favorite combo for a goth feel, although black leggings and calf-length boots are also common in this subculture.

Chunky platform ankle boots are a great addition to a street style outfit. Denim shorts or skirts and dark and a tartan shirt go wonderfully with these shoes. The entire outfit not only makes you feel great, it also gives you a touch of poise. Pair this outfit with chunky sunglasses for extra credibility on the street. Black and brown platform ankle boots add a casual essence and make for an optimistic street-style outfit.

Take a look at the pictures (via) below and find your ideal style for wearing platform boots. Also, check out celebrities who aren’t afraid to rock the platforms! Discover your platform look today with bright and colorful, black and metallic, knee-length and ankle-high.

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