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Open Abaya Designs

Latest Open Abaya Designs: Abayas are worn by Muslims worldwide as a symbol of humility. The traditional way was to wear only dark abayas, which were typically black and closed at the front. Given the changing trends in the fashion world, the new front open style is the most popular right now.

The open abayas are a modern version of the traditional abayas and have a western flair. Young girls and working women seem to choose them because of their unique designs and easy-to-wear styles. Some of these modern designs seem to be inspired by traditional abayas. They can be found in the robe style, in the abaya jacket, in the coat and in a few other designs. These are usually worn over long dresses or skirts, but some wear them over jeans for a more casual style. The modern coat and cardigan style is inspired by western fashion and is often worn with different hijab styles such as the head wrap or the turban wrap. However, they can also be worn with the traditional and humble type of hijab.

From plain and simple looking burkhas to modern day abayas, the transformation has been great. Cardigan abayas are easy to wear and give the entire outfit a very elegant look. While the coverage is a little less on these, many women choose them because of their modern feel. Manar Saqer, behind the Catwalk brand, is a fashion designer from the Emirates and known for her elaborately worked abayas. Here is one of her creations that we absolutely cannot lose sight of. This metallic silver abaya with sequins and pearl decorations is one of the best open abayas we have ever seen. It was worn over a black top and jeans for a relaxed look. However, this abaya is well worth the investment to wear for formal events and parties. It can be styled with a plain black turban wrap hijab for a chic look, or kept modest with the traditional hijab. We love the cape-like sleeves that have been incorporated into this new version of an abaya. We also recommend checking out these 50 Best Abaya Designs from Instagram.

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