Cocktail Attire for Men: Dress Code Guide and Do's & Don'ts .

Cocktail Outfits for Men

Cocktail outfits for men: Celebrities can give you a full style guide on the latest trends, what’s in and what’s out. But you can’t and can’t afford to follow the latest and hottest fashion all the time like our celebs.

Now that’s not difficult at all, as good things and old fashion keep coming back after a while. If you are invited to a cocktail party, the dress code is mentioned. For a charming and dashing look, these cocktail outfits for men worn by celebrities can be very helpful.

Cocktail attire for men is not that tricky, instead choosing the outfit can be fun and playful. As mentioned earlier, when choosing a dress, celebs can give you full advice on how to get the look. Here are some basic tips and tricks on what to wear if you’re planning to grace the red carpet or throw a cocktail party.

Usually men don’t have many options to dress up. Therefore it can be difficult to choose clothes. When in doubt, just keep these simple points in mind.

Some basic tips:

  • Suit color: Dark to medium gray suit is good to go with
  • Which shirt should I wear: Shirt in white or a muted color
  • Tie and pocket square: Tie in subtle patterns or a simple pocket square. If you’re wearing a tie, the color of the pocket square should in some way complement the color scheme to look “composite”.
  • Which shoes are better: Black dress shoes with leather soles
  • Socks: About the calf or long socks that match the trousers or something else in your outfit
  • Shave and hairstyle: Of course, make sure you shave cleanly and get a proper haircut
  • Yes or no for tuxedo: DO NOT wear a tuxedo that is overclothed.
  • Pocket handkerchief tips: The stitches that are currently appearing on your suit pocket are very easy to remove. Don’t hold it for no reason. Do your personal style a favor and get rid of them, but be careful. Then three pocket squares can do as much to one suit as three different suits, which actually saves money. Adding a dash of your favorite Cologne to your pocket square will give your clothes an elegant touch.

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