Slide 8 -From chubby to glam, Parineeti Chopra's style .

Stylish Parineeti Chopra Dresses

Top Pareneti Chopra Dresses – With hit films like Hansee Tou Phansee, Shudh Desi Romance and Kill Dill, Pareneti Chopra is the newest it girl in Bollywood. She is quirky, fun, beautiful, and extremely stylish. Her outfits are always fashionable, bold and make a statement. The great thing about her style is that it always mixes and combines the desi style with the western style. This makes her a style icon for girls all over the world. So take tips from the way she dresses so you can be a style icon too! You can buy Parineeti Chopra dresses online from their designer outlets listed here. You can find many other outfit ideas in these pictures as well(Courtesy Her shoes and makeup also look like the latest Parineeti Chopra hairstyles. Also see 15 trendy fashion ideas in Indian street style.

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