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Simple Makeup with Hijab

Makeup with hijab. Wearing a hijab in Islam is a sign of humility and simplicity. In addition to headwear, you can also use makeup that will add charm and beauty to the look. If you dress your hijab with the right jewelry and add the right makeup, your look will change dramatically. Today we are going to give you ideas on how to do makeup with hijab so you can get the most out of your great features.

If you put on too much makeup, it’s no use. Keep very little makeup. Your focus should be on the eyes and cheeks. The most important step when you start with eye makeup is choosing a headscarf that goes well with your eye color. You can choose a light shade of eyeshadow and wear dark shades of the scarf.

Eyes are the most prominent part and you can add glamor to it by choosing the right shade. For a simple c, ange, you can apply eye pencil, eye shadow, and mascara.

For a different type of eyes, do tutorials here and you can apply any makeup of your choice.

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Choose colors that go with your headscarf. You should avoid glitter and choose light gold tones instead. For a natural look, you can use nude tones, and for heavy wedding makeup, you can use shiny tones.

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