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Shoes with Jeans

Which shoes wear jeans. Jeans are like the staple that every girl loves to resort to. They are our ultimate comfort zone and have so much nostalgic value that we probably have all the jeans we grew up in with us.

You can wear jeans to a party or even a club and then wear the same jeans for a casual weekend look. Getting on and off jeans is always fun, but choosing the right type of shoes is confusing because there are just too many types of shoes and too many types of jeans and they don’t always go well together. For example, boot cut jeans with flip flops are an absolute no-no. Here’s our ultimate guide to determining the best shoe types for each type of jeans.

Do you know why your old jeans are always more comfortable than the new ones? Because jeans literally grow with you. They adapt to your legs. Even if you gain a few pounds, they adjust around your legs so that you don’t feel any change and you continue to be relaxed and at ease in your good old jeans. Starting with a roundup of the best shoes for jeans:

You are probably thinking that we literally named every type of shoe in existence. This is because jeans go with all types of shoes, but there are certain types of shoes that certain jeans look best with. And we’re going to explain this below with the help of some cool pictures, so let’s roll:

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