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Outfits with Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boot Outfits: Cowboy boots seem like a risky fashion choice for the average girl. After all, they were the original riding boot, and the subconscious connection we make with horses and farms when we think of them is no surprise.

How can you strip these bad guys off without looking like you just got off the set of Bonanza? First, understand that there are two basic types of cowboy boots: the western (or classic) and the roper. The classic style has a high boot shaft and an angled heel. It has a narrow pointy toe. The roper style has a shorter boot shaft that stops just above the ankle, a low, square heel, and a rounded or square toe. Keep that in mind as you scroll through our outfit summary so you can find out which style appeals to you the most and what look you want to create! Let’s begin.

Fashion is always evolving and so it’s great to be able to use all of your coolest wearable items. Check out the chic ways to pull off the cowboy shoe trend and look gorgeous as always.

Here are our top tips for wearing cowboy boots.

Determine whether you need stylish cowboy boots or work boots. Cowboy boots for work are durable and can withstand various weather conditions, including snow. These are usually weatherproof too. Fashion cowboy boots are not allowed.
Take into account the shape, size, and fit of the boots. A poorly fitting boot makes for a wretched wannabe cowgirl. (We’re joking. Unless you really love the cowgirl look!)
Choose a shoe that reflects your personal style. Are you a brave fashionista who is not afraid of crazy trends? You might want to try a colorful boot or a super detailed embroidered boot. Do you love cute, restrained styles? Opt for simple and plain cowboy boots. And for more tips and ideas, don’t forget to check out these ideas on how to dress like a cowgirl.

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