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Men’s Outfits To Wear with Oxford Shoes

What are oxford shoes? You will find many definitions of oxford shoes on the internet but we are going to keep it simple. An oxford shoe or balmorals has laces to be precise (closed lacing system) with the ankle with low heels and the ankle exposed. With a few exceptions, all Oxford shoes fall into this category.

Oxfords or Balmorals shoes are those with closed laces.

While Derbies / Bluchers shoes have open laces.

How do I wear oxford shoes with different outfits?

Well most of the time oxfords have been known to be styled with formal dresses as this adds elegance / class to the men’s style. They have long appeared in black and brown colors. This is why you would find most men wearing oxfords with suits. But with the development of the men’s casual style and the men’s street style, oxfords now come in different styles and colors. So in this post we don’t limit ourselves to formal wear for men, but rather give you different ideas on how you can also style oxford shoes casually with different clothes. First, let’s see some different seasonal recommendations.


Sweaters or long-sleeved shirts with sleeveless sweaters and straight jeans are great spring outfits and go perfectly with blue, black, or brown leather or suede oxfords. In spring, fabrics and styles are reborn that were lost in winter. When the weather gets better, consider investing in some fabric and leather oxfords. Why not equip your spring-style outfit with a matching wristwatch? Watches are a great accessory all year round and add that elegant touch when paired with Oxford shoes. RECOMMENDED: Brown Boot Outfit For Men – 30 Ideas What To Wear With Brown Boots


Summer brings with it the increase in shorts and t-shirts. Cream, burgundy, brown and blue shorts are all the rage this season and not only complement a plain or patterned shirt or t-shirt with buttons, they also look fantastic with color-coordinated oxfords made of fabric. Fabric oxfords in summer are better for you as they keep your feet cool; However, leather oxfords are perfect for the fit and booted businessman this season too. So make sure your chosen style has the matching oxford shoes. RECOMMENDED: 26 cool and stylish Bermuda shorts for men this season


This season, which is very similar to spring, brings this delightful mix of fabrics and leathers. Knee-length coats or blazers are great choices for Oxford shoes. If you wear black or blue pants or jeans, choose a contrasting color for your jacket and shoes. Fall colors like purple, brown and emerald are stunning colors and are not only suitable for coats and Oxford shoes, but also for accessories like hats, gloves and scarves. Casual outfits use more wool clothing like sweaters, while formal wear uses more business suits and wool coats. Here are fall outfits for men; 17 cool fashion ideas this fall


It may be best to put your cloth oxfords away this season. Winter brings wet weather and cloth shoes not only get wet and uncomfortable but can also be easily ruined. Instead, stick to your leather oxfords or invest in a pair of high-top oxfords. Perfect for this season! These are perfect for winter shoes and go with long coats and jeans while adding a sophisticated touch. Slate gray, black, anthracite, navy and bottle green are fantastic winter tones. With an abundance of oxford shoes in these colors, it’s easy to find shoes that go with your clothes.

Check out the styles below and use them to create your perfect seasonal outfit with oxford shoes.

Casual outfits with Oxford shoes

Winter style jumper with brown leather oxfords. This combo is perfect for college guys looking to look cute and classy in college. Combine your printed sweater with dark blue or black jeans and wear it with brown oxford shoes. You can also wear cool bracelets to spice up your outfit look and use spikes as a hairstyle. Check out these stylish beard 21 beard styles to make teen guys look cool

Green spring style cardigan, jeans, brown oxfords. Equipped with a tie

This style is perfect for men who like to experiment in their clothes. Play with different combinations, colors, textures and make new outfits every day. For example, you can wear blue jeans with a plain white shirt and green cardigan. For added flavor, you can wear a tie down the side of the entire look. Oh and don’t forget brown oxford shoes to wrap it all up.

Street winter style

For those who are into black and gray and love to wear them all the time, this outfit idea is for you. The key to this outfit look is to wear everything as long as it’s black or gray to match the theme of the outfit. For example, you can wear black skinny jeans, a gray top, and a black leather jacket. For extra spice, you can wear a gray long scarf around your neck and pair it with a pair of black oxford shoes. RECOMMENDED: retro outfits for men; 17 ways to wear retro outfits this year

Spring casual style

This is the casual outfit idea that is perfect for the office or formal meeting or gathering. The hues in this outfit should stay cool and calming. You can wear suit pants of brown color and shirt of white or light blue shade. As an accessory, you can choose the brown belt and combine oxford shoes. Add Black Ray Ban glasses as well.

Businessman spring style

Brown blazer, bag and oxfords with jeans. This outfit idea is perfect for the business people out there. You can wear this outfit look to business trips or business and formal meetings. Wear a formal overcoat with dark blue formal pants. And match it with a tie and dark oxford shoes. Check out this professional beard styles 20 face hairstyle for business men

Spring style

Gray cardigan, white vest, jeans and suede oxfords. If you are going to travel or just want to have fun, then this outfit idea is for you. You can wear jeans and an open-front cardigan, with a white vest inside. For example, dark brown watch, belt and Oxford shoes go with all accessories.

Autumn style

Wool coat, sweater, pants and black oxfords. With sunglasses and a scarf. This next outfit idea is worn by many well-known celebrities. In addition, this outfit is perfect for winter. It will keep you warm and cozy and keep your style to the max. Wear a sweater in a long, warm coat. You can wear dark oxford shoes underneath. The scarf can be added to keep you warm and cozy on those tough autumn days.

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