Maang Tikka With Hijab – 17 Ways To Wear Hijab With Maatha Patti .

Maang Tikka With Hijab

Maang Tikka with hijab. Hijjab is the beauty of integrity and humility and a sign of spiritual pursuit. But in this day and age it adapts day by day with unique styles and ideas. Hijabi girls who want to show off their jewelry skills can adopt different hijab looks. Depending on the occasion / event, there are no ways to outfit your hijab.

So maang tikka is an item that is not always hidden with hijab. Appearance can be enhanced by wearing hijab to Matha Patti on the forehead of women. With such a dazzling look, we have compiled a list of 17 different traditions through which the jeweled maang tikka can be worn with hijab in different ways and ways.

Are you looking for a modern variant? This hijabi style is super stylish and adorable with chained tikka and embroidered hijab dupatta. This style is a flawless way of adopting the tradition as the vintage headpiece fits perfectly into the folds of hijab. The contrast of the tikka with the hijab is pretty chic that you can absolutely love.

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