10 Latest Velvet Abaya Styles And Tips On How To Wear Them in 2020 .

Latest Velvet Abaya Styles

Latest Velvet Abaya Styles: Velvet Abayas are the emerging theme in the humble fashion world. The coming winter 2019 will be all about Velvet Abayas Ladies. That’s why we’re here to cover all of the styles and tips for wearing Velvet Abayas. Hijabis and women who hide religiously introduced the style of abaya to the world. Recently, however, the abaya style has evolved into a form of everyday fashion that brands pick up and introduce to the world. This has made the abaya style much better known to many people and has added new chic and fancy styles for hijabis and non-hijabis alike.

In 2016, Dolce and Gabbana expanded their fashion collections with a whole new line of abayas that are supposed to die for women. The abaya style has evolved into more chic and chic abayas that can be worn to outdoor events and parties and worn elegantly. The new abayas include velvet abayas. What spreads to be the talk of the abaya fashion industry. Mariam Mohammad, a humble fashion diva from Kuwait, has been wearing velvet coats as abayas for a long time lately, which look extremely chic, fashionable and perfect for any occasion.

When it comes to modest fashion, styling abayas and modest coats and dresses is very different. Velvet abaya styles include floor-length abayas, frock-coat styles, dresses, front-open style, maxi style, and many others. Hijabis usually style abayas with various accessories such as chic earrings, bangles and bracelets, handbags as well as colorful and chic heels and around the waist straps. Adding the right accessories can change or transform the whole look of your outfit.

Combine different colored hijabs with the abayas to add a touch of color to your outfit
Add a hip belt to make it look like a matching outfit that can be worn for any occasion
Chic heels always play a simple colored abaya
Add long, dangling, or round earrings to your abaya to give it a bit of character
Always try new and vibrant colors by styling your abaya to give it a new feel every time
Add a handbag to your abaya look to add contrast to the outfit
Throw them over open-style dresses to create a chic outfit
Abayas with an open opening go well with many different outfits such as a long dress
Velvet abayas with an open opening go well with flared trousers and a shirt
Velvet-length coats instead of velvet abayas were worn by street bloggers to create a chic outfit
Samtabayas can be worn not only as everyday clothes to work or shopping

Some of the top sites to buy velvet abayas include:

Now let’s talk about what are the different styles of Velvet Abayas?

Over the years, abayas have been worn by religious women to cover themselves. More recently, women have been seen wearing silk and velvet abayas as dresses and kimonos over their outfits to make them look chic and fashionable. Velvet abayas can be worn by both hijabis and non-hijabis to make different style statements. Some of the most popular and popular velvet abaya styles are:

↓ 10 – mix velvet with other fabrics

As beautiful as a fabric is, it is also thick and warm, so it is not exactly the kind of fabric that you can wear on hot summer days. The solution to this can be to mix velvet with other fabrics. Here, for example, we see a beautiful blue abaya made of Korean Nida fabric with a velvet top. The wrinkled effect on the velvet makes this abaya even clearer. And not only is this a solution for wearing velvet in the summer, but this mix of velvet and other fabrics is a great way to add more fun to your abaya. If you like this abaya you should check out the Abaya Boutique’s website or Instagram account as they have the most amazing selection of abayas at pretty reasonable prices and ship worldwide. You can also check out these 50 Best Abaya Designs on Instagram for some trendy ideas.

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