15 Easy and Simple Hijab Tutorials -How to Wear Hijab Steps .

How To Wear Hijab

How to Wear Hijab: The hijab is an important part of the Muslim dress code that has been prescribed to women. There are numerous ways to style the hijab, each different in their own way. A major influence of these different forms of hijab lies in the diversity of cultures.

The Arabs have their own individual style that creates a voluminous look. While the Indonesians keep it simple and elegant. The veil found its way into mainstream fashion when brands like H&M and Yeezy hired hijab models to show off their clothing. With this important piece of clothing garnering international attention, we naturally had to talk about the 18 newest ways to style it. You can add different fabrics and styles to create a unique look every day.

This very chic and professional hijab-up-do is for women on the go. If you want a comfortable western style turban look this is for you. Many working women often look for options that are convenient, easy to do, and don’t take a lot of time. This lovely look involves wrapping the scarf behind the neck and creating a bun over it, also known as the top knot. Many women who want to cover their necks cannot opt ​​for this style. However, you can create this look over a traditional hijab to merge the two. The only downside to this look is that it can be difficult to reach the top knot with a silk scarf. It can best be worn with pashmina, jersey, or cotton wool.

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