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How to Wear Hijab Underscarf

Ways to Wear Hijab Undercarvings : Hijab is an Arabic word that means a barrier to separation. However, in Islam it has a broader meaning. It is the principle of humility and involves behavior and a dress for men and women.

The most visible form of hijab is the headdress that many Muslim women wear. However, hijab goes beyond the headscarf. The hijab is the sign of piety, an act of belief, a symbol that the whole world can see. The purpose of the article is to help women, especially those new to hijab, understand what a subscarf is, different types of subscarf, and how to wear it. Some hijabis come by wearing them under scarves, while for some, but it’s crucial! For some, the benefit of a subscarf is that your hair doesn’t keep coming out of your hijab and the hijab stays secure. Depending on the type of hijab you are wearing, a subscarf is important to keep your hijab in place. They are also useful when holding your hijab on.

There are many types of under scarves on the market. They are made from a variety of materials and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and designs. How you choose to wear is a personal preference. Mixing and matching your under scarves with your outer scarf and hijab outfit can be fun!


  • Stay humble and confident at the same time
  • These last two things may seem paradoxical, but in truth they are not. Both are equally important. Whatever you wear, whatever you choose to wear your hijab, whatever you use to keep everything in place, be humble.
  • Don’t use the hijab as an excuse thinking that your job as a Muslim is done. Be the best person you can be.
  • The whole point of hijab is to be humble and there is no point in covering your hair and neck if your actions are not humble. So be humble but confident at the same time. And by confidence, I don’t mean self-confidence, but courage and fearlessness.
  • The transition to hijabi is not easy. The people around you may or may not support you. Sometimes those who you think will support you will be appalled by your decision and will try to convince you of it. Sometimes those who you think are mocking you will cheer you on and tell you how happy they are.
  • People can change the way they interact with you. It could be the people closest to you or the people you happen to see. But don’t let all of this down. Own your decision to be humble. Explain to people. Be proud of yourself. When people ask about your hijab, answer gracefully and humbly. Keep your chin up and keep smiling.
  • More important than the clothes, the scarves, the needles, the accessories etc. is your desire to be the best that you can be to Allah. Be true to your intentions to please Allah and may He reward you. Here are simple makeup with hijab tutorial and hijab makeup tips.

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