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Hijab With Infinity Scarf

Given the huge demand for an infinite number of scarves, we decided to publish some interesting ideas for wearing Hijab with an infinity scarf. Many women have always wanted to know how to style the infinity scarf. Women wearing hijab in particular are often seen confused and want to know how a hijab can be worn with an infinity scarf for a modern look. Take a look below to see how we did our best to help and show you great ideas that are absolutely easy to make.

For those of you who don’t know what an infinity scarf is, let’s say it is a scarf that comes in a variety of sizes and can be extremely oversized or light. There are many ways to wear the scarf. For a bigger bow you will need a wider material.

How to wear infinity hijab

Now let’s start with the style we chose for women who wear hijab. We are excited to show you these easy ways to wear an infinity scarf.

Classic style

You can wear it over your t-shirt or top. No need to twist or wrap it. All you have to do is just let it rest on your shoulders like a regular scarf. You can drape over it if it is a long material. This would look like a necklace.

Layered style

You can put it around your neck if the fabric or material is too long. One of the trendy styles is to wear it in layers. To get more layering, you can create two to three loops and style them around.

Shoulder wrap style

With a smaller fabric, you can just put it on and then spread it over your shoulders. It will look like a shoulder wrap. You can also wear it with a longer fabric. This style works best when the scarf is stretchy.


Hijabi can style this look when the infinity scarf is worn as a vest. You will need a relatively larger piece for this. After you finish swaddling, belt is a great way to dress up. It will look absolutely gorgeous.

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