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Emo Hairstyles for Guys

An important aspect of the emo look is the hairstyle and for guys this is crucial. But how do you achieve that perfect emo hair? What is acceptable in the emo scene? Well this article is going to cover those questions and bring you great ideas how to create that flawless emo hairstyle.

The cut
Most guys who are in the emo scene are most likely seen with a chin-length, almost bob-like style.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different lengths. The emo subculture is very diverse so there is room to play. Shoulder-length cuts to shaved cuts are acceptable as long as they are styled appropriately. Make sure your bangs are trimmed correctly according to your face shape. These define the hairstyle. If you are unsure, it is a good idea to browse images for inspiration first and even professionally cut your first style instead of trying it yourself.

If you want to shave more, go for an asymmetrical style. One side is shaved and the other a bit long, keeping the fullness and adding a unique touch to your emo style. Avoid shaving patterns when looking for an emo look. Patterns tend to be more of an R&B style than an emo which could confuse your look. Keep it simple

Styling the cut

The man’s emo hairstyle doesn’t have to be boring and flat. Why not add some volume with spikes and layers? In the emo scene, it is perfectly acceptable to use hair products to achieve the perfect look. So, go all out for hairsprays and gels, all of which help in creating shape and volume. The fuller the hair, the bolder the look. Avoid products that make your hair appear greasy. Oily looking hair is usually interpreted as dirty and is not conventional in the emo scene.

Make sure your pony is swiping the side! This is the most common style and the only thing that emo will definitely scream! However, covering one eye is preferred. If this is likely just irritating you, choose a tight-fitting rim that hugs the face. The edge is your face frame. Therefore, make sure that it is properly cared for and cut accordingly.

Straight hair is commonly seen in this subculture and it is not uncommon for men to use flat irons to reach their full potential. Try to balance your style by straightening the back and leaving the brim full. This creates a focus.

Finally, for men too, why not try using colored hair dye? Highlighting it with neon tones or blondes is a great and easy way to add depth and color to an otherwise plain look. While emo hair is almost always black, you will always stumble upon blue, green, purple, or red highlights or block colors. It looks very funky too. Try this funky hairstyle for guys too.

Take a look at the pictures below and inspire them to create your own emo look.

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