16 Cute Hairstyles with Maang tikka/Maatha Patti This Season | Beau

Cute Hairstyles With Maang Tikka

Hairstyles with Maang Tikka – One of the most popular hair accessories these days is the Maang Tikka, also known as the Maatha Patti – a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry. In the last post, we covered in detail what Maang Tikka is and how to wear Maang Tikka in different styles.

Although it was traditionally viewed as part of bridal jewelry, it can now be worn on any traditional occasion by girls of all ages and with face cuts. However, one of the most confusing and most common questions asked by girls is what hairstyle to do with their maang tikkas. In this post, we’re going to tackle this common problem with ease. I hope by the end of this post that you have enough knowledge to decide on the latest hairstyle with your Maatha Patti. If you are planning on wearing the same Maatha Patti a second time or for continuous functions, these tips will help you create a new look every time!

Tikka, Maatha Patti, and Jhumars are considered to be the most popular headgear when it comes to jewelry. They are known in Asian countries, particularly Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. People wear them not only at weddings but also at parties, events, and dinners. Here are some points to consider before choosing a headdress.

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