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Cute Hairstyles for Teen Boys

2020 Hairstyles for Teens – Teens are a significant relief as it’s finally the time your mom stopped brushing your hair and made it all look sleek. When you take out your childhood photos, you immediately regret your hairstyle. Is not it?

Well, not now! You are grown up enough to decide your cut and hairstyle without any pressure from your mom. By now you must have figured out what kind of guy you are. Maybe you’re one of the cool guys, the nerd boys, or an introvert who doesn’t want anything to do with the world. Well, whatever you are, you have to choose a hairstyle that reflects your personality. Embrace who you are and let people identify you at a glance. You have to think which hairstyles will suit you and are in trend this year, right? So read on to get answers to all your questions and suggestions, because Outfit Trends has your back as always!

As we make our New Years resolutions, we plan a lot of things related to our lives. It could be a change, some uniqueness, and there are numerous ways to do it. Let it be a haircut, a different hair color, or a cool styling. And even from your own experience, you would know that a new hairstyle can really make you feel changed or transformed.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while styling and grooming your hair at a young age.

↓ Which haircut suits you?

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of understanding your bone structure, face shape, and forehead size if you want a hairstyle that actually suits you. When we are young, especially in our teens, we neglect this fact. We always strive for a haircut and hairstyle like our superheroes, sports stars and ideals. It is the wrong approach! You may love someone’s style, but they may not look as good to you as they do to them. Below is a list of the face shapes and hairstyles that will suit them. Read it through and improve your style game right away.

Heart-Shaped Face: These people have broad foreheads and narrow chins, which means they must have a beard with a classy hairstyle. Medium-length hair would suit them best if it was styled side-swept. Avoid very short hair. They will ruin the portion of your face.

Round face: People with circular facial structures must opt ​​for haircuts and hairstyles that can add some definition and improve their facial structure and features. Adding a little extra length to a classic or modern pompadour does wonders. Definitely avoid fringes as they will make your face look even rounder as they are used when you need to soften its edges.

Square face: it is the most manly face shape. People with this face shape have powerful jaws, which means they need a hairstyle that softens their jaw to some degree, not quite! Your entire hair styling game is the angles and length of the hair. Short layers, side partings and tight fades are the hairstyles that look classic and make them look attractive. But if you love how strong your jaw is, go with neat short haircuts like a military cut or clean cuts. Avoid coarse and messy hair in this scenario as well.

Rectangular Face: It’s one of the longest face shapes you can ever find. It’s somewhere between round and square shapes. People with rectangular faces should find a hairstyle that in some ways adds extra length to their face and helps make it look a little shorter and more contoured. Some layers, soft fringes, or hair styled in waves would look great on them. These guys should have a hairstyle that blends in with their beards.

Diamond Shaped Face: The name itself shows pretty clearly what her face would look like. So these guys need a style that will add some width and volume to their chin and forehead areas. You should opt for layered hairstyles and long hair that you can tuck behind your ears. Likewise, fringes would look great on them. Avoid fading cuts or short hair on the sides. They raise your jaws a little too much and make your face look disproportionate.

Oval face: it is universal face shape. People with this face shape are sat with the best proportional and symmetrical structure

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