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Cool Beard Styles Without Moustache

Beard without a mustache: Who doesn’t want to make a bold impression of their personality? Men can just do that with their facial hair. Beards are the new trendy accessory that a man can wear with confidence, and without a mustache it is harder to wear a beard.

Either for classic ways or trimmed to your liking, beard can be as stylish as you can try. They look sexy, stylish and very masculine no matter what your face shape, facial hair or beard, in other words they can add more charm to your personality. It also found that it took men an average of 67 days to grow the “perfect beard”. Even then, if you have blotchy facial hair, there can be many beard styles without a mustache. Lots of men don’t like a mustache for so many reasons. So here we are giving you a complete guide on how to have facial hair without a mustache or just a hint of it.

First of all, you need to know how to keep your look perfect by knowing many types of beards. Since men’s facial hair says a lot about them, at least one study claims, one needs to be careful what style they will choose. Mainly, the beard styles given can be styles without a mustache.

1- Spartan – a variation of a filler beard with a little trim on the cheeks and an accent on the jaw and chin.

2- wolverine – a beard worn by the main character in the film Wolverine

3- Goatee – never goes out of style. At the moment, the popular way to wear such a beard is to trim it quite short.

4- Chinstrap – Another all-purpose beard that is always in fashion. Such a beard looks simple, but it requires a little patience.

5- The soul stain – a thin strip from the lower lip to the middle of the chin, made famous by Johnny Depp, who is becoming increasingly popular with men of all ages.

Here are some of the cool guys that you can wear without a mustache. They vary from thick and thin hair to face shapes.

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