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Church Outfit Ideas

Church outfit ideas. Once upon a time, wearing your “Sunday best” meant people only wore their best clothes and outfits to church on Sunday. This was often the case with people who may have only owned two or three dresses (at least women). As a result, their most formal and special attire was only worn on Sundays when they attended a church service.

Today, of course, that’s not really the case. For most of us in the western world, our closets come with a myriad of formal and casual options … and none of us would really consider a floor length dress outside of a gala or extremely formal event. With so much to choose from these days, knowing what to wear to church can sometimes be a baffling puzzle. For one, there are many factors to consider. Is this church known for its specific dress code? Is it viewed as a very casual church? Is It OK To Wear Jeans? Is there something you should not wear in church? In this article, we’re going to address some of these and other questions, and offer you 30 beautiful and fitting outfit ideas that will hopefully give you clarity and point you in the right direction.

Before we show you our top tips for dressing up in church, here are some tips and things to keep in mind:

Here are our top tips to inspire you with what to wear in church.

Let’s start with an absolutely classic option: the long-sleeved maxi dress. For a dress like this, the sky is the limit for accessories and shoes. You can opt for a solid color dress and brighten it up with a white handbag, statement necklace, heels, or sandals. Loose hair looks very beautiful with long clothes. So keep that in mind when styling your curls.

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