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Perfect Makeup Ideas For Eid 2020

Eid Makeup Looks For 2020: With days passing quickly, the excitement of Eid is now almost around the corner, and everyone is worried about completing the Eid prep. For women, there is always a rush to find the perfect dress and accessories to attract attention and make a statement. However, a real statement cannot be made without an ideal makeup look.

Regardless of the weather you might face this year, we’ve rounded up some key makeup trends that will have a huge impact in 2020 and you’ll get an appreciative look from everyone.

Oath, hands down, it’s all about dolling and killing all day and posting perfect pics on Instagram and Snapchat. Taking into account all points, from trend and style to the type of weather, we have found everything out for you. Here are some points that will help you a lot:

Girls love makeup! Is it not so? Even if you’re not a makeup girl, you’ll want to at least put some makeup on Eid for a fresh look and Eid selfies. Check out our post on 30 ways to add jewelry to Eid dress.

Here are some makeup products that you must have.

60 Most Awesome Halloween Makeup Ideas Ever for Teen Gir

Halloween Makeup Ideas Ever for Teen Girls

Halloween Makeup Ideas for Teens: Halloween is the most exciting part of the fall season for all ages. You can transform into mythical creatures, wacky zombies, or even cute characters for a creative look. No character is perfect without proper makeup, but you don’t have to be a professional to create looks like this.

Here are some of our top tips for teenage girls who’d love to put their creative skills into practice. Don’t hesitate any longer because we have some of the most creative and trendy characters to choose from – scary skulls, freaky zombies and adorable cartoons. Keep your youth and innocence intact with these awesome makeup looks for teenage girls.

How do I dress up for Halloween?

Here are some tips to keep in mind when dressing up for Halloween:

You don’t have to go all out on the costume when you have some good makeup skills on hand.
Be sure to use face paint to avoid damaging the skin.
Invest in good, high quality makeup palettes or separate pans.
Set your makeup with a good setting spray to avoid smudging.
Faux eyelashes are a great way to dramatize your look.
It’s always a good idea to use props for extra detail.
Not every Halloween costume has to look scary. You can do with other adorable looks too.
The Youtube tutorials will tell you exactly how to achieve a flawless look.
Prosthetic makeup is the latest in fashion and it helps create amazing, realistic effects.

10 Most Gorgeous Celebrities Eye MakeUp Ideas/Secrects - Cheap .

Gorgeous Celebrities Eye MakeUp Ideas

For those inspired by the strong smoky eyes, tips from Megan Fox’s softer version can be followed. She looks beautiful with a little effort. The eyes look very sultry. You can line the inner rims with a black or brown lining. That would be the best choice for making one eye look presentable. You can also smear a black shadow along the top outer corners. Use the black, silver and light blue eyeshadow and draw out the lower lashes with them. Use a flat brush to do this.

To improve the overall makeup, you can apply a red lipstick. There will be a more classic look. You can use a pink blush over your cheeks for a natural look. Nars would be the best option for the cheek. All of these tips will help you achieve the most classic celebrity look. Time to transform yourself from a boring look to a gorgeous celebrity look. For the eyes, don’t forget to use an eyeliner, mascara, and cabbage pencil. I hope you will experiment celebrity eye makeup looks on yourself. We have compiled the pictures of the famous celebrities that you can take inspiration from for the eye makeup ideas. Check out these:

Glowing Skin for Teenagers - Best Tips and Home Remedi

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin for Teenagers

How to get clear skin at home. Having the perfect skin texture is never easy and apparently not such a walk in the park.

But there are always some ways to help you achieve the most flawless skin yet, and you will never have to deal with the exhaustion of getting rid of pimples or blemishes. Here are some of the coolest remedies to make with the simplest of products in the comfort of your home.

With its anti-tanning properties, it cleanses the skin by reducing dark spots and all types of blemishes.

10 Best Arabian Eye Makeup Tutorials With Step by Step Tips .

Best Arabian Eye Makeup

Today we’re going to talk about it Step by step tutorial on Arabic eye make-up and tips on how to apply Arabic eye make-up. If you are interested in trying out some beautiful eye makeup looks, this is a must-read. Arabic makeup focuses on two things.

One who is brave.
Second, Arabic makeup is very dramatic.

Arab women have big beautiful eyes and know the tricks to enhance the beauty and become seductive and achieve that glamorous look and become voluptuous and fascinating. In the last post, we talked about simple makeup tutorials for smoky eyes. If you’ve seen Arabic eye makeup before, you need to know that it is made up of two colors that they mix. You’re doing another layer on top of another. Strong colors such as gold, red, blue and black are mostly used. Thick eyeliner is also used over the eyes. That makes it dramatic. It should highlight the eyes well. Then you can also use false eyelashes to add more beauty. You must have seen how dramatic her eyes look in the movies. Here we have a simple guide on how to do your eye makeup. The Arabic look is very attractive. It wins many eyes and attention from its charm. However, for all of this you will need the right tools and makeup items to achieve a charming look. The popular trend these days is Egyptian eye makeup. Arabic look means using lots of cabbage, mascara, and black liner, but for those of you who don’t seem to be getting it right, this article is just for you.

Here are some simple tips for applying makeup to the Arabian eyes:

  1. First you need to cover up the dark circles under the eye. Apply a good quality foundation or concealer to the eye. Once you are done, you can use a corrector as it will hide any stains.
  2. Apply gold eyeshadow to the eye. You need a suitable brush for this. Now you can apply dark cabbage in the eye. Make sure it’s from a good company. You can use a Lakme Kohl pencil for this.
  3. Use a flat brush for the eyeshadow. This will help you get the best results. Use the best colors to add intensity to the look. You can use a Lakme shade like Rush and then apply a gold glitter to the eye.
  4. Dark kohl or cabbage adds a thicker line to the top and bottom lash lines. For maximum intensity, you can use a liquid liner.
  5. Winged liner creates a bold Arabic dramatic look. You need to bring the liner to a point on the outer eye. This creates a winged look. You can find more ideas in the pictures.
  6. Don’t forget to put mascara on your lashes. Also, fill in your eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil. It will make them darker. This creates a correct Arabic look.
  7. You can create this look and go to a party with that pretty smile on your face. Don’t forget to use a nice lip color on your lips. It will complete the whole look and make you look beautiful.

Most Pouplular Lipstick Fashion Trends for this Season | Makeup .

Most Pouplular Lipstick Fashion Trends

If you know how and which one lipstick You should use. It alone can change your overall look dramatically. If you are running out of time and just want to look fresh and great, careful and correct use of lipstick can work wonders for you. Here are some simple tips and ideas on how to choose the right lipstick for you. Which lipstick color should you choose for your skin type and makeup? What are the latest lipstick fashion trends? What color do the celebrities usually wear?

Red lipsticks have always been the most popular choice for girls. Red lipsticks go with all skin tones and go with all outfits and all occasions. What else a girl needs … one thing to remember is to put makeup on your eyes as simply as possible. If you wear a bold color like red for your lips, any other bold makeup can make it look just fine. Take a look at these models and get an idea how to wear red lipsticks to get a sexy look for this season.

Orange lipstick fashion

Although orange may seem a bit bold. But in the recent past, orange lipstick has been on the rise in the fashion world unprecedented. Many top celebrities have been spotted with orange lips. It’s very trendy these days. Orange lipsticks should be worn with a fresh face, which means they look gorgeous with less makeup. Check out these models and get an idea of ​​how to wear orange lipsticks to get a sexy look for this season.

Purple lipstick fashion

The purple lipstick color comes in a variety of colors, so you have to be very careful when choosing the right color for your face and makeup. Here are some ideas for wearing purple lipsticks with makeup. Even so, it’s a harsh color and for the same reason, many girls are scared to try purple lips. Even so, you can achieve both elegant and funky look with purple lipstick. Check out these celebrities and other models how they used purple lipsticks with different makeup and hair tones for a glamorous look. So don’t try something new if you haven’t tried it already.

Nude lipsticks fashion

Bare lips are the safest choice for women. They are easy to carry and easy to peel off, yet still look very sizzling. This is one of the reasons why nude lipsticks have never gone out of style and it is the most popular choice of celebrities. The best tip for a luscious look is that you should exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick.

The bare lips look very hot with little makeup. It is not recommended to be worn with a fresh face or with very little makeup. That’s why most of the celebrities who are brownish have used nude lipsticks. It looks very hot. Tip for girls with fair complexions: make sure you add a little color to your face, e.g. B. colored eyeshadows and pretty strong outlines so you don’t look washed out.

Top 10 Bridal Makeup Ideas For Black Women for Stunning Look .

Top Bridal Makeup Ideas For Black Women

Bridal makeup tips for black womenWe have always brought you the most amazing fashion ideas for women with dark complexions. But today is the time to discuss beauty tips for black womens wedding day. Every bride wants to look pretty on her wedding day. Makeup is one of the most important parts for the bride on her big day as it enhances beauty.

The complexion varies from person to person. There are different shades such as light pink and dark brown. Finding the right makeup look for your big day can be quite a stressful and worrying task. A number of questions go through the bride’s mind: which base suits them best or which shade should they use? Which lipstick color goes best with skin color and outfit color? What bridal hairstyle to choose and more. That is why today we are going to try to cover all of these important things for you and to help you make the decisions a lot easier.

Very few girls know that if you are blessed with a dark complexion, you are lucky. You can play very well with make-up there. Each skin type has its own texture and tone. Dark skin is said to be more attractive than any other skin tone. There is something about dark skin tones and black women that normally keeps their skin very well hydrated and therefore looking fresh. When we talk about choosing makeup for brides who are black, the first thing we need to do is make sure what their complexion looks like.

Here are some basic tips and tricks for choosing the best bridal makeup:

The best foundation for dark skin

First of all, you need to find a foundation that will best suit you and suit your skin tone. Try the foundation on the forehead or on the jaw line instead of the hand. You have to be careful when buying a foundation. Choose a shade that is darker than your skin tone, rather than a shade that is lighter than your skin tone. Our personal recommendation is the MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation. The reason for this is that not only does it provide nice and decent coverage, but it also gives a nice matte look without making your face look too crusty. It’s currently priced at $ 28, which makes it a very reasonable option. Use it with MAC Studio Fix Fluid for even better coverage as it also offers SPF protection, making it great for the day.

Best eyeshadow palette for black women

Dark colors like the metallic green, burgundy, copper, and purple are best and go well with dark skin tone. Smokey eyes look great on dark skin tone, although you need to mix the colors well. Colors like gold and bronze are very suitable for girls with dark skin tone as they give an elegant look. If you are looking for an eyeshadow palette that will be of great use not only for your wedding but also for everyday use, then check out juvia’s Place Nubian and Nubian 2 palettes. Both are perfect eye shadow kits for women with dark skin, priced at $ 23 and $ 28.99, respectively. RECOMMENDED: 15 simple and stylish eye makeup tutorials; How do I wear eye make-up?

Check out some awesome looks you can get with these pallets:

Best lipsticks for black women

Colors like coffee, beige, plum, burgundy, gold, chocolate, pink are best for dark skin tones. Lipsticks that are too shiny are not good for dark skin tones. This year the best colors for brides would definitely be either red or nude lipstick. For red, be sure to try Dior Rouge lipstick in Rouge Favori Red, which retails for $ 38.70.

Powder Foundation for Black Women:

A liquid foundation works better on dark skin than any cream or powder foundation. Powder foundation looks shiny and oily. Dilute your foundation with a little water to make it even on the skin.

If you want to enhance the lighter tone of your skin, apply a clear foundation and tinted moisturizer that matches the center of your face. Use a copper bronzer on the forehead. I would suggest that any dark complexion woman turning a bride should have few glances at herself before her wedding. Many brides choose to use professional makeup artists, but just in case the bride wants to do her own makeup, she should try a few bridal makeup looks. For more help, check out 10 Most Beautiful Eye Makeup Celebrity Ideas / Secrets

Hope you all take some ideas and try out some looks. Make sure you choose the best product for your skin. Let’s look at some really beautiful black women and bridal makeup looks. By following these tips, you can look just as gorgeous as them on your big day. Good luck.

The Beginner's Guide to Mastering Eyelin

How to Wear Eyeliner for Beginners

How to wear eyeliner. So if you are one of those who are practically in love with the idea of ​​eyeliners, and admire and adore those who have amazing eyeliner skills and often browse the web through stunning eyeliner snaps that have taken over fashion, this is this one Post just right for you.

But the real situation for you is that no matter how great you look yourself, you are not that great at applying eyeliner and that is why we are here right now. Plus, no matter how hard you tell yourself otherwise, you just can’t get out of the house at the last minute with a little gorgeous eyeliner. And we can totally understand why. But you don’t have to worry, we’re now going to show you some cool and epic ways to achieve the perfect eyeliner look that eliminates the regrets.

First of all, you need to know that there are three different types of eyeliner everywhere:

Pencil, gel and liquid.

Simple Makeup with Hijab Tutorial and Hijab Makeup Tips | Hijab .

Simple Makeup with Hijab

Makeup with hijab. Wearing a hijab in Islam is a sign of humility and simplicity. In addition to headwear, you can also use makeup that will add charm and beauty to the look. If you dress your hijab with the right jewelry and add the right makeup, your look will change dramatically. Today we are going to give you ideas on how to do makeup with hijab so you can get the most out of your great features.

If you put on too much makeup, it’s no use. Keep very little makeup. Your focus should be on the eyes and cheeks. The most important step when you start with eye makeup is choosing a headscarf that goes well with your eye color. You can choose a light shade of eyeshadow and wear dark shades of the scarf.

Eyes are the most prominent part and you can add glamor to it by choosing the right shade. For a simple c, ange, you can apply eye pencil, eye shadow, and mascara.

For a different type of eyes, do tutorials here and you can apply any makeup of your choice.

10 Best Arabic Eye Makeup Tutorials With Step-by-Step Tips

Top 10 Easy Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes

Stylish eye makeup ideas for brown eyes

Choose colors that go with your headscarf. You should avoid glitter and choose light gold tones instead. For a natural look, you can use nude tones, and for heavy wedding makeup, you can use shiny tones.

Permanent Makeup Can Lead To Cosmetic Tattoo Nightmares – CBS Mia

Tattoos For Permanent Cosmetic Purposes

Tattoos for permanent cosmetic reasons. You probably wouldn’t think so, but women and some men get tattoos only for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons. The most common methods are permanent lipstick, lip liner or eyeliner. However, other cosmetic tattoos include covering scars from serious injuries or even after surgery for breast cancer. This post covers everything you need to know about permanent makeup tattoos. The procedures including costs, techniques, and advantages and disadvantages.

What are the cosmetic options? Which method you should choose depends on your own requirements. Examples of aesthetic options for beauty include tattooed eyeliners, tattooed lipsticks and lipsticks, and imitation hair. Even permanent eyeshadow can be considered but is not seen often. For cosmetic options due to injury or illness, include colored tattoos for skin tones. This can be to complete scars, birthmarks, or even areola paints; This process is also known as repigmentation. These are more commonly used by people who may be aware from birth or after surgery.

Everything you should know about cosmetic tattoos

Where can I get one tone tattoos and permanent make-up? As with any type of procedure that requires needles and / or medical devices, it is always best to seek professional advice and trained and qualified technicians. Make sure your professional has the right qualifications, has the right equipment and everything is sterilized at the time of use. If possible, ask to have the needles opened in front of you so you can have peace of mind. Gloves and, if necessary, masks should be worn. It can also be a smart idea to speak to either your family doctor or a doctor or specialist in a hospital and get a referral before undergoing treatment. Anything that needs to be done for medical purposes is usually done independently of your hospital.

How are these procedures carried out? First and foremost, a consultation will be conducted to examine the person, examine their desires and determine whether the required procedure can be safely carried out. After a decision is made, a color is chosen, be it a dark shade for the eyeliner or a natural and matching skin tone to cover up marks. This is followed by a tattoo session that uses spools, pens, or rotary machines to inject the color into the first layers of skin. After the procedure is complete, it is of the utmost importance that at least one follow-up visit is booked to check how well it is healing and that no health complications have developed.