Vin Diesel in Sherwani-Pictures of Deepika and Vin Wearing Sherwa

Vin Diesel in Sherwani

Vin Diesel in Sherwani – Deepika Padukone and Vin Diesel become a new sensation in both Hollywood and Bollywood. Her film “xXx: The Return of Xanader Cage” is slated for 2017, but right now we’re all drooling over the amazing teasers and behind the scenes pictures and videos.

Don’t these two make an absolutely adorable and sizzling couple on screen? Many of us can’t wait for the film to be released.

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Vin Diesel rocks the desi clothes

Recently the internet went crazy for Deepika and Vin Diesel’s picture of Diesel wearing a red Sherwani and Deepika flaunting a black Indian dress. According to our logic, the film is all about action, guns and ammunition. So it is unclear whether this picture is for the film or not. So what was the purpose of the Sherwani?

The only thing we’re sure about is the designer. The Sherwani was designed by the experienced Indian designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. He published the picture on his Instagram account with the headline “Vin Diesel in a Sabyasachi’s Sherwani. Handcrafted in India. Deepika Padukone. xXx‘ the film. The world of Sabyasachi. “

Doesn’t that make us more curious about the picture? Well we can only wait.

Since filming, Deepika has taught Diesel many Hindi words. Diesel also says “I Love You” in Hindi. Well, thanks to Deepika, it is also rumored that Deepika is ready to bring xXx: The Return of Xander Cage’s cast to India. Yes, a chance to get up close and personal with Vin Diesel and Ruby Rose along with a few other international stars.

Wouldn’t it be an absolute delight to see Diesel and Rose in some desi attire that they’ll flaunt during the movie commercials?

It’s also interesting to find out that Deepika made lots of sarees and sherwanis as gifts to her new friends in Hollywood. In one of her interviews she said, “Hopefully you will see Vin in one Pathani or a sherwani while xXx Promotions, ”reported Pinkvilla.

The third episode of the “xXx” franchise is expected to be released on January 20, 2017. However, it’s still no surprise whether or not we can look at the same dress all over again, or whether or not there is a scene from Vin Diesel in Sherwani.

It’s very exciting, and not many of us are patient with this either. Let’s see what Hollywood cooks up to surprise us this time. Looking at all of the pictures, we all had high expectations for this upcoming venture.

We hope and wish good luck on our part to the cast and team of xXx: Return of Xander Cage. We wish they all keep us excited and prepared, just as they have kept us up to now. And of course we hope to see Vin Diesel in hot desi clothes because why not?

Indian Celebrities In Palazzo Pants- 25 Ways To Wear Palazzo Like .

Indian Celebrities In Palazzo Pants

Indian Celebrities in Palazzo Pants – We all love Indian celebrities and we always strive to look as classy and chic as them. This time around, we’ve rounded up 25 ways you can dress up in your group of friends like Indian Divas and Outshine.

Outfit trends today will help you make a fashion statement with palazzo pants like a celebrity. After all, palazzos are so stylish and fashionable not to forget that nothing is as breathable and comfortable as them.

Palazzos are incredibly edgy, trendy, and fashionable. They can be used as both Eastern and Western clothing, as we learned from Indian celebrities. It’s a beguiling piece. We have a few tips for you that we gathered after digging deeply into Indian stars and their fashion sense.

Here we have answered some of your questions about palazzo pants and answered them Indian diva style.

The best and most suitable top to wear with Palazzo is the tank top. With their help, you can create both a casual and a formal look. In addition, you have enough space to embellish your outfit

Can you wear Palazzo to a wedding?

The wedding season is here and the palazzo is a fascinating choice. You can wear them with short kurtis or crop tops along with the chic dress.

Kate Middleton Travel Outfits – 18 Tips from Kate Travelling Style .

Kate Middleton Travel Outfits

Kate Middleton travel style. Kate Middleton’s travel style has consistently impressed the media, who watch her every move like a hawk, or the people of her country whom she ideally admire. Her personality and charming traits are not only revered everywhere, but also her endeavors in fashion and style.

Kate Middleton’s wardrobe styles, especially those she uses when traveling, have changed over the past few years, and each one is remarkable. We’re going to go over some of these looks, of course, but we’re also going to show you ways how you can incorporate the Duchess of Cambridge’s style in a way that is appropriate for a non-king. So let’s start by breaking down some of the best outfits Kate has worn while traveling, as well as 18 tips to help you achieve a similar style. Read on to see what we mean!

One of Kate’s most famous ensemble series took place when she visited Canada on an official tour in 2016. In this video you can see all the outfits she wore on the tour, the names of the designers, their accessories, even the prices of the outfits! Check out an in-depth look at one of the UK’s most formidable style icons and her wardrobe.

Ranveer Singh's Dressing Styles – 30 Latest Looks of Ranveer .

Ranveer Singh’s Dressing Styles

Ranveer Singh’s clothing styles: Recently, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone caused a sensation in the current Hollywood world with their engagement announcement. This has made us all revisit some of their best moments and we can’t stop ourselves from discovering some of Ranveer Singh’s most popular clothing styles.

If anyone gets their bizarre card right, it’s Ranveer Singh. He’s a big Hollywood sensation and a heartbreaker. He is anything but boring in his outfit choices for public events. For Ranveer Singh, his outfits show a large part of his personality that is just as or even quirkier and more humorous than his outfits.

Ranveer Singh began his typical role as a Delhi boy in the film band “Bajaa Baraat” after a successful and impressive audition and started his debut with a solid performance. From then on he switched to the role of the cheater in “Ladies vs Ricky Bahl” and showed the potential of a great artist.

He then played in various other films from “Lootera” to “Ram-Leela”, “Gunday”, “Dil Dhakarne Do” etc., but became famous for his character as Bajirao in “Bajiriao Mastani”, for which he made his head shaved and portrayed the character with grace and machismo. This film was one of the highest grossing films in India and Ranveer won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor for its great performance.

Singh recently played the role of Khilji in his film “Padmaavat” and was seriously criticized and threatened by the right-wing Hindu group for this controversial role. A lot of his films are in the works right now and we’ll see him again in eclectic characters soon.

Pin on Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf Outfits

Teen wolf outfits. The teen drama that has caught everyone’s attention lately and is hit with every passing day. Along with its interesting history, it is also famous for the amazing style and clothing that the cast has. The girls and boys are both dressed so well that they’ve probably become everyone’s dressing destination.

For the same reason, we decided to bring you the 10 best Teen Wolf outfits so you can get inspired and style like the fabulous cast of Teen Wolf.

Well, who doesn’t love Lydia’s style and dress on the show? Girls and men alike love her and how she wears herself in the ultimate chic clothes. A mini skirt paired with a crop top and an upper can look simple yet very trendy. All clothing can be done with light accessories.

30 Best Outfits of Male Celebrities Over 50 – Fashion Ideas .

Best Outfits of Male Celebrities Over 50

Best outfits of male celebrities over 50: Beauty and natural youth have little to do with age. It is often believed that there is a decline with age, appearance, and personal style, but it is not. People seldom feed themselves, and therefore age can take a toll. Here we present you the beautiful and graceful Outfit selection by celebrities over 50 years of ageSo you can see for yourself that age is indeed just a number. Let’s see some of the most fashionable celebrities over 50 and get ideas on how to dress when you are over 50.

Let us know what you think about these style icons in the comments section.

Rob Lowe is becoming more physically attractive as he ages and appears to be fitter than ever. It seems like he’s never been better. He wore a navy cardigan and gray pants for hosting the Crest Healthier Smiles Project Launch and looks amazing. You should also check out these celebrity beard styles and the 30 sexiest actors with beards.

Pin on clothing for plus size over

Best Plus Size Celebrities Outfit Ideas

Outfit ideas for plus size celebrities. For so many years, being thin has been a sign of beauty. We saw different models and actresses who deal with caring for their characters. In the 90s, being thin was the norm, and women with an average body were classified as oversized. Though there were plus size actresses at the time putting their names on the industry canvas like Marilyn Monroe, plus size was still considered the average body type and, for some, a subject of criticism.

During this time as our mindset has evolved, there are celebrities who have studied weight monitoring issues and have faced great criticism for their eating habits. But they have gotten stronger and proudly accepted their body types. In fact, they have proven that they inspire so many other girls and take plus size styling to a whole new level.

Plus size celebrities accept their bodies and, in fact, take great pride in who they are in this industry and outside of it. These 18 celebrities have improved plus size fashion, among other things, proving that curvy girls can and should wear whatever they want to wear and still rock the outfit.

40 Bollywood Celebrity Beach Outfits That You'll Love | Celebrity .

Bollywood Celebrity Beach Outfits

Bollywood celebrities beach outfits. Have you ever wondered what your favorite Bollywood actresses look like when they go to the beach? What would the best Indian actresses look like in a bikini? They look beautiful on screen in their costumes, but what about real life? What do you wear to your beach vacation? You will get all of these answers today.

We have compiled for you the latest pics of the best Indian celebrities going to the beach, walking or with their families. All of them look hot in their chosen outfits and are sure to make you want to hit the beach right away!

It’s pretty obvious that there is no better way to spend your vacation than on a beach. And it seems like our Bollywood actress loves hanging out on the beach with her families and friends. Our concern here is what are you wearing on the beach? Or which swimsuits and beach clothes are your favorites. After doing thorough research, here are some tips and tricks we learned from our divas.

Olivia Palermo Inspires Our Summer Office Outfit | Summer office .

Olivia Palermo Outfits

The outfits of the fashion diva Olivia Palermo. Olivia Palermo, the American celebrity who was also part of The City series, is well known for her sense of fashion and style. What she wears and how she wears totally inspires us all!

Whether it’s her street style or she’s at an event, her style sets her apart from everyone else. Blogger Olivia Palermo sure knows how to win hearts

We brought you their best 30 looks that will surely give you some style motivation.

35 Best Outfits of Female Celebrities Over 50-Fashion Ideas .

Best Outfits of Female Celebrities Over 50-

Best Outfits From Female Celebrities Over 50 – It is often said that age is just a number and it is true. Sass, style and personality, if carefully cared for, can be a lifelong companion. Sometimes we see people a lot and it’s difficult to gauge their age because they look like the years haven’t slowed them down at all. Here we have compiled a list of the most elegant and beautiful dresses from celebrities. These celebrities are giving us big goals with their youthful appearances by rocking even in their 50s and above.

Hey there are beautiful women! We know many of you are die-hard fans of celebrities like Salma, Sandra Bullocks, Julia Robert, and many others. If you’re reading this blog because of the number fifty in the title, are you all in your age range? Do you look as young as her Have you held up so well over the years? If not, and they are a source of inspiration for you, now is the time to start working on yourself.

Here we have a few tips and tricks for all of you after spending over 50 years dealing with celebrities and their secret to being so fit and adorable.

That’s all celebrities over fifty do to look glamorous and always young. Now is your time.


What celebrities think of Cross Fifty

You will believe that “women’s beauty only grows over the years” after reading about these 35 fashion icons. But before you hurry up, check out what these celebrities think of growing up.

  • According to Diane Lane, she comforts herself with aging as it is part of everyone’s life. But the swelling and slackening bother them.
  • Oprah Winfrey takes growing up as a lesson and she embraces aging. No wonder why she is called the Queen of Wisdom.
  • Dame Judi dench doesn’t like being called old or vintage at all. These words are forbidden in her home.
  • According to Helen Mirren, getting older means having more fun. Getting older is fascinating, enjoyable, and emotional.
  • Sharon Stones I think there are many things that you gain with age.
  • Patti LaBelle says that worrying about aging hurts you, aging you, not age itself.