18 Best Shoes To Wear With Palazzo Pants for Complete Lo

Best Shoes To Wear With Palazzo Pants

Stylish shoes with palazzo pants: Palazzo pants are my favorite style of pants as they are super comfortable and come in a range of colors, patterns and styles. They also give a beautiful flowing silhouette and, due to their bagginess, are perfectly adaptable to any body shape. However, choosing the right footwear for palazzo pants can be difficult.

The shoes you choose need to add a little extra height to your palazzo pants. The pants should ideally be ankle-length and not drag on the floor. Short-cut palazzo pants are a great offshoot for the summer time and give the shape just as much oomph. This article covers 18 great shoes for different seasons that are perfect with palazzo pants. Use these to complete your perfect palazzo pants outfit. Also, check out 28 ways you can style your palazzo pants .

Steal the show with these simple tips for styling Palazzo Pants with different shoe styles:

Earthy tones like bronze, brown, and cream look great in fall and winter. You can style the colors in different ways. Here embossed palazzo pants have been styled with a loose-fitting sweater. With these palazzo pants made of brown leather, platform heels give your outfit an extra boost. The heels not only adapt to your stature, but also give your pants a neat look.

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