How to Wear Over-the-Knee Socks: 6 Styling Tips – From Rach

Best Shoes to Wear with Knee High Socks 2020

Best shoes to wear with knee socks. A throwback to ’90s fashion is always reminiscent of the schoolgirl-inspired knee-high socks. And it’s not surprising that this’ 90s trend was inspired by the most iconic TV show ever to air, FRIENDS.

Yes, Friends’ Rachel Green allegedly started this trend when she paired a school girl-style plaid miniskirt with knee-high socks in one of the episodes. But no matter who initiated this style, to this day it looks great for both everyday wear and semi-formal wear.

So, let’s show you the top ten shoes to wear with knee socks and all the details on how to get the look! Here you will find a summary of all shoe types that go with knee socks. You need to read on, though, as we’ve discussed more examples of these shoes, as well as outfit ideas and much more.

Do you want to look good in the snow while staying warm? Then all you need is a pair of warm and fluffy knee socks that you can wear with the classic riding boots. Red is always a great color for cloudy, snowy days, so investing in red riding boots is never a bad idea. Another reason to buy red riding boots is that you can wear them over black tights or jeans every day, whether you’re going to work or just hanging out with friends. You should also check out these 23 best shoes for overalls.

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